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Lumber Service in Tehran

Landing and stroke services at guaranteed prices at extraordinary prices

On this page, we are talking about the service in Tehran and the benefits of using this service. This kind of service is used to renovate the rocks used in buildings and can be considered as part of the renovation process. Follow us to get to know more about this service and its different angles.

There are many names in the name of the people that we will refer to in this section. The polishing service in Tehran is designed to gloss the stone and clear any kind of mass and pollution from it, this stone can be located in any part of the building. Of course, the only rocks that come in this service, and the floors made of concrete and ceramics can also be used by a specialist team.

Other names are:

  • Glass stones
  • Shine the stone
  • Destruction of rock mass
  • Shining a stone
  • Stroke

There is also no specific type of rock for the rocks, and our squad team has the necessary facilities to clean up all types of rocks.

Home and Building Reception in Tehran

Lifts in Tehran with the best price

The best catering service in Tehran is provided by our collection to the dear citizens. In order to benefit from this service, you can contact the collection experts and ask your questions. Our top advantage is the use of skilled and expert people who are all Improvement of the relevant compartments and the quality of it. When making phone calls, discuss the area and type of stone used in the floor with advisers so that the team is ready to work and coordinate with you.

Contact our consultants right away for a call for a refund .

Building insulation

The service is provided using the most up-to-date methods and devices produced, and our distinctive difference with other partners is the lack of use of traditional methods, we can remove all damaged parts of the stone in its previous color and somehow Do it well. After finishing the restoration, you will not see the effects of ripples or fractures. If you plan to renovate your building, taking advantage of the refinement service in Tehran is one of our top suggestions to enhance the environment. For more information, please contact the listed numbers.

Compensation fee in Tehran

The cost of grinding and stroke depends on a number of factors, some of which we will refer to here at the very least, you can pay an appropriate fee by taking advantage of the refinishing service in Tehran. The factors affecting the cost of decontamination include:

  • Your expectation of the quality of work
  • Type of cover applied on the floor
  • Degree of hardness of stone used on the floor
  • Area of ??the desired environment
  • Roughness and Crashes

the quality of service

The service is provided in Tehran with the best possible quality, for example, acidic chemicals are not used to gloss rocks, as these materials can completely destroy the stone and reduce its beauty as time goes by. Our team uses the best tools and materials to process the grinding stages and put customer satisfaction in its work priorities. So far, many of our projects have been beautifully crafted and now you can take advantage of our services and make your building more beautiful.

Limousine services

Advantages of using desalting service in Tehran

Plumbing services are provided in Tehran, and this kind of service has many advantages, which are referred to some of them:

Eliminating the ripples of the floor of a building or any other area: sometimes, after the completion of the building, you will encounter stones filled with building materials and no longer have any effect, in which case you can use the services Apply to flooring and clean the floor completely. To take advantage of this service, any elevation that is seen on the floor will also be lost and no longer works. Of course, this advantage is considered for renovation and used buildings, and it is not just about new buildings.

  • Brightening the stone: Realizing this advantage is possible only with the use of descaling machines and you can not do this in other ways. Utilizing these devices can increase the life span of the stones used in the floor and, at the same time, prevent them from being replaced. The gloss of the stone gives a very beautiful look to your building's environment and is a type of renovation.
  • Restoration of cracks: If the floor stones are old or full of cracks and scratches, using the flooring service can also completely eliminate this problem. Our team, using special resins in its hands, repairs all cracked parts and, at the same time, paints all the parts of the floor, which also enhances the beauty of your surroundings. It goes without saying that quality materials are used in this section, so that the steps taken will remain in the long run.
  • Increasing the life of the coating applied to the floor: This is one of the top advantages of a polish, and the reason for this is raised here. If at the right time, repair all the cracks and damaged parts of the stone, prevent the breakage of the stone and prevent the influence of factors such as water into the faults, this can increase the life of the stone and Avoid replacing them.

Stroke Steps in Tehran

The grinding stages in Tehran depend on criteria such as the type of floor covering and its gender, but here we provide a general explanation. If the coating applied to the floor is rock, then the first step is to eliminate the roughnesses, and to achieve this, a rockfall of 36 to 46 will be used. No matter, if this step is not high and focused, then the result may not be as you want, so the team needs to focus its entire focus on completing the first phase.

In the first step, it's time to scratch the surfaces of the day that you have the second stage to eliminate them; in the second phase, you can use a slice of rock 60, and in the end you can see some part of the work and clean up with Look eyes The third stage is also done using the stone slice 120. It is good to know that all the stones mentioned on special devices are included and used.

After the end of the second or third stages, you will see seams in the rocks, which can also be used to remove the putty, the coating of the floor covering will strengthen its insulation and cover all the joints and gaps, So that they are completely level and you are no longer able to view them.

Refining in Tehran
Refining in Tehran

The right time to grind

If you see any of the following, immediately contact the landfill service in Tehran and ask our experts to do the right thing as soon as possible. These items are used to determine the appropriate time to use desalination service:

  • If you feel that the rocks or other coats used on the floor are not aligned and uneven during the walk.
  • If you saw masses on the floor that did not disappear using any material.
  • If part of the floor covering is damaged or so-called pallid.

To solve any of the above problems, special methods and devices are used.

Features of the service center in Tehran

Our team is a collection of professional flooring that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront. Some of the features of the team members that can be mentioned are that they are all right to work properly. And they do so with great care, and their work ends when they can see their image in the stone rocks.

Lumber service in Tehran increases the life span of the stones as well as their beauty. Therefore, this type of service has been considered in recent years and it is the first step in construction and renovation.

Granite stones

Granite stone is one of the most beautiful and most expensive stones used in building. This stone, in addition to the floor, is also effective for the construction of the facade, and is of particular interest to society. The polishing service in Tehran also takes on the responsibility of glossing this type of coating and completes the steps as best as possible. The stone is inherently glossy and it takes a lot of time to clean it, the number of steps that have been estimated to cover this type of cover is 12 steps because it is in the category of hard rock and its substrate requires a lot of energy.

Stairwell desiccant

The grinding service in Tehran also carries steps to cover the roof, but this type of descaling makes it more difficult than normal, because the machine needs to be moved in different directions. It's worth mentioning that anti-corrosion and waterproofing materials are also used to keep the nanoscale out of service, so that the rocks do not easily absorb dirt and remain shiny for a long time.

Staircase drawer in Tehran

Dehbid rock

The refinement service in Tehran also carries out steps for the glazing of this type of stone. It is good to know that Dehbid has a relative degree of difficulty and has high resistance. The landing stages are like rocks, with the difference that it takes more time, but this time is relative and not high.


This type of rock also has several holes in its surface, which is the responsibility of the grinding services in Tehran to gloss over them.

Marble stone

Coating in Tehran is also used to cover the marble rock. It has a high resistance, with about 9 work steps being foreseen. At the end of these nine steps, you can achieve the highest possible level of purity.

If the cover is of a kind to you, please contact the Lumber Service in Tehran, so that it can be explained to you.

source : refining in tehran

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